Quick Intro Maker


Quick Intro Maker

Create a gorgeous logo animation to personalise your YouTube channel, social media postings, and other video content. All you need is a logo. This service is available worldwide, no matter your country or language get your order done here.

One chance to make a first impression

Make it count with a perfect movie-like logo animation that reflects your brand identity.

  • Start the ball rolling with a branded, attention-grabbing video opening that makes you recognizable, even on mute. Our easy-to-use YouTube intro maker allows you to fully customize designs and create new intro versions in minutes, empowering you to build your brand image like a professional.

  • The high production quality of our templates comes from our cinema and TV roots. Our technology is built on Hollywood visual effects software and our library is sourced by a growing community of accredited video makers. Each video is created with a precise use-case in mind allowing for quick video use without technical skills.

Brand your entire video

Wrap up your video with an intro, custom transition animations, outro, and CTAs. Add various videos to your content to build a recognizable visual identity

Create more than just regular intros

Set the stage with a unique visual jingle to communicate what the video is all about.

Get recognized, even on mute

Start every video in a familiar manner. Make sure your followers know they’re watching the right video, even before your content starts.

Download and publish 

anywhere at high resolutions (HD 720p) without complex licensing restrictions.


1- No logo, no problem

Do you need a logo to complete your video? 
Get a full branding for your business with one click. (Paid option)
Transform any text into a typographic logo with one click. (for Free)

2- Use on any device
Edit videos from the browser of any modern smartphone, tablet or PC device. No need to install an app or buy new hardware.

3- Highest video quality 720p

Export Professional Resolution encoded videos for maximum visual fidelity while allowing for the greatest flexibility when used in editing software. 

4- No licensing restrictions
All templates have perpetual licenses for commercial use. This also includes audio, so you'll never suffer a copyright strike.

5- Elevate your production

Boost the production value of your videos with a large selection of professionally designed screen overlays, graphics and lower thirds.

6- One-click branding

Adapt your branding in seconds. Get your video within 24h.

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