[Verse 1: Stormzy]
Yeah, I don't know where to begin
So I'll start by saying I refuse to forget you
I refuse to be silenced
I refuse to neglect you
That's for every last soul up in Grenfell

Even though I've never even met you
Cuh that could've been my mum's house
Or that could've been my nephew
Now, that could've been me up there
Waving my white plain tee up there
With my friends on the ground tryna see up there

I just hope that you rest and you're free up there
I can't feel your pain but it's still what it is
Went to the block just to chill with the kids
Troubled waters come running past
I'ma be right there just to build you a bridge, yo

[Verse 2]
When you're weary [Robbie Williams]
And feeling small [James Blunt]
When tears are in [Rita Ora]
Your eyes [Craig David]
I will dry them all [Dan Smith]
I'm on your side [Liam Payne]
Oh, when times get rough [Emeli Sandé]
And friends just can't be found [Kelly Jones]

Like a bridge over troubled water [Paloma Faith]
I will lay me down [Louis Tomlinson]
Like a bridge over troubled water [Labrinth]
I will lay me down [Jorja Smith]

[Break: Louis Rei]
So much pain in my heart
My community's moving me
Choose to gleam as we're facing the dark

[Verse 3]
When you're down and out [Leona Lewis]
When you're on the street [Jessie J]
When evening falls so hard [James Arthur]
I will comfort you [Roger Daltrey]
Yes, I will [Paloma Faith]
I'll take your part [Ella Eyre]
When darkness comes [Anne-Marie & Ella Henderson]
And pain is all around [Louisa Johnson]

Like a bridge over troubled water [Robbie Williams, all voices]
I will lay, I will lay me down [James Arthur]
Like a bridge over troubled water [Choirs]
I will lay me down [Rita Ora]


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